1129 42nd St. SE
     Minot, ND 58701

(701) 720-3889 (cell)
(701) 837-9967 (main)
Email: seboryan@sebomotorsports.com
Serving the upper Midwest since 2006.


Sebo Motorsports was officially started in 2006 by Ryan Sebo after seeing the need for a speed shop in the Minot, North Dakota area. Since then, the shop has become full of everything a race car driver could need to repair, build, or test parts. Sebo Motorsports is a dealer for many different kinds of parts lines and handles just about everything you'd need during the race season and the off season. We build IMCA Hobby Stock and Stock Car chassis in house, and are the regional dealer of BMS Modified chassis out of Belleville, Kansas. While the shop is located in the north central part of North Dakota, we serve a wide region, including Estevan, Saskatchewan, to Williston, all the way to Colorado, and over to Jamestown, North Dakota. We also can repair any brand of race car chassis, and put it back to the way it was originally designed, or update it if you want. There's nothing we can't do! Take a minute to check out our page and look around!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ryan Sebo

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